SONAR X1- The DAW that plays well with others

Whether you’re mixing down or pulling individual tracks for use with a collaborator, SONAR’s flexible export options make the process fast and simple.

Getting your stereo or surround mix out of SONAR is a breeze with options for every major file format, sample rate and bit depth. You can also take advantage of SONAR’s pristine 64 bit audio engine and options for fast bouncing or monitor the mixdown in real time audio.

Working with a collaborator who’s not using SONAR? Not a problem! Export individual tracks or busses in any file type and format to a folder in one step. Gone are the days of exporting individual tracks one by one and manually disabling effects, mix settings and automation. With SONAR’s flexible export options, these settings can be enabled or disabled with one checkbox for the whole project. Send the folder of tracks to your partner and they can drag them into their DAW so they can quickly get to work building on your next chartbuster!

Watch the video for step by step instructions

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