SONAR X1 – Easier to Use

SONAR X1 brings a lot of significant changes from previous versions of SONAR; changes like the Unified Preferences View, ProChannel, Enhanced Automation, Key Clusters, the Skylight User Interface, and so much more. All of these changes are designed to enhance workflow, which means you can get more done in less time with SONAR X1.

The video below demonstrates SONAR X1’s enhancements versus previous versions, and I suspect most of them could apply to SONAR X1 versus other DAWs, as well.

SONAR X1 – Easier to Use

As demonstrated in the video, device and preferences setup in SONAR, like selecting or de-selecting MIDI inputs, setting up a control surface, and tweaking the buffer size of your audio interface, is much easier to do in SONAR X1 than in previous versions thanks to all of those different setup menus living in the same window. Before X1 all of those menus were in different places, so setting things up took a lot of opening and closing different windows.

But what about actual workflow within SONAR?

There are lots of improvements, for sure, as seen in the video. For example, the ProChannel gives you a complete, console-style channel strip built into every track and bus in SONAR X1 Producer and SONAR X1 Producer Expanded. Rather than having to insert multiple plugins on every track, the ProChannel is just there, wether you’re working with the Inspector in the Track View or multiple ProChannels in the Console View.

And since its all built-in to SONAR’s Skylight User Interface, there’s no dealing with dozens of floating plugin windows and edit views. The ease of use and ergonomics of the ProChannel really do make a difference in workflow. And it sounds great, too.

Take advantage of these new features by upgrading to SONAR X1 today.