New Videos: Create Amazing Things with SONAR X2 and Intel Technology

Intel video

Chuck Carr creates amazing content for Twisted Metal
Chuck Carr is a multi-faceted game audio professional and accomplished musician for over 60 games and counting. Intel has put out a new video showing how Chuck Carr used SONAR X2, an Intel® Core™-based PC and SSDs in his creative process to create the soundtrack for the hit game, Twisted Metal. It’s just one example of the amazing results that can be achieved with Intel technology and SONAR X2.


Timothy Michael Wynn Composes Amazing Content for Darkness II
Timothy Michael Wynn is an award-winning composer for films, television and video games. Hear how he uses SONAR X2 and the Intel® Core™ Processor and SSDs in his creative process.

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You can download SONAR X2 Producer today and save 15% off the regular price. SONAR X2 Producer has been completely redesigned to streamline the music production process. We’ve updated the Skylight user interface with over 100 enhancements. We’ve added a modular ProChannel and a Console Emulator to the mixing console making it easier to achieve great sounding mixes. Editing is now far more intuitive with the improved Smart Tool and new Smart Grid. And we’ve also included many new plug-ins like BREVERB SONAR, TH2 Producer Amp Sim, R-MIX, Rapture, and more.

SONAR X2 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the press and user community. Future Music magazine raved that, “working in SONAR X2 feels so natural and intuitive.” Sound on Sound magazine endorses this upgrade stating, “for existing SONAR users, this is undoubtedly a worthwhile upgrade.” 

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Below are some of the new features in SONAR X2 Producer:

  • Skylight enhancements including Auto Zoom, Timeline Zoom and revamped NOW time
  • Better views including Take Lanes, Clips Pane, PRV, Loop Construction View and Matrix View
  • Enhanced editing tools including the improved Smart Tool and the new Smart Grid
  • New Automation Lanes with Latch, Touch, Overwrite, and Punch modes
  • Modular ProChannel for that big pro-studio sound
  • Additional ProChannel modules including:
    • Console Emulator
    • QuadCurve EQ
    • Softube Saturation Knob
    • Support for FX Chains modules
    • And more
  • Rapture Synthesizer
  • TH2 Producer amp simulator
  • BREVERB SONAR (VST version)
  • Improved LP-64 Mastering plug-ins
  • SoundCloud integration
  • And more

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SONAR X2 Complete

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SONAR X2 is a huge leap forward in DAW technology. From the Skylight interface, to the Smart Tool, to the ProChannel (Producer Exclusive) – almost every part of SONAR X2 has been enhanced based on feedback from customers and professional users. In addition, SONAR X2 now includes Windows 8 and touch support in all versions, proving once again why SONAR X2 is the best choice for Windows based recording studios.

Don’t take our word for it – SONAR X2 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the press and user community. Future Music magazine raves that, “working in SONAR X2 feels so natural and intuitive.” Music Tech magazine declares, “it’s a DAW in the truest sense of the description: a complete production environment with a wealth of features that enable you to take your ideas from initial sketches to finished masters – and throws in things like remix and live performance tools to boot.” 

There has never been a better time to make the leap to SONAR X2. In the month of April, when you purchase any version of SONAR X2, you will also receive the SWA Complete SONAR X2 video for free ($40 value). Featuring over 9 hours of video tutorials, SWA Complete SONAR X2 offers the most comprehensive look at SONAR X2 to date. Learn more

Below are just some of the new features in SONAR X2 Continue reading “Free video tutorial with any SONAR X2 purchase in April”

Is Z3TA+ 2 the best synthesizer plugin in the world? Try it and decide for yourself.

Z3TA+ 2Well, ultimately that’s up to you, but there are plenty of reasons to argue that it is.

Z2TA+ ClassicFirst and foremost is the legacy of Z3TA+ Classic. Released over 10 years ago, Z3TA+ set the bar for modern analog style soft synths with unparalleled tweakability and waveshaping control. Z3TA+ was pumping out synth leads and fat basses back when EDM was know to most as simply “Techno,” and Dubstep was in it’s infancy.  It’s impossible to quantify the impact of Z3TA+ on the EDM/Synth universe, but from what our users tell us, there are likely tens of thousands of musicians still using their trusty Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer in music today.

Secondly, Z3TA+ 2 includes over 1000 new sounds AND all 1,093 that ship with the original. Frankly speaking, Z3TA+ 2 is a preset goldmine. These sounds hold up against any synth on the market. Listen to Z3TA+ 2 sound examples for a taste.

But of course there is also the UI redesign and usability overhaul that came with the second version. Z3TA+ 2 now has the sleek, modern interface that is easier on the eyes and easier to navigate. Controls are more spread out, intuitively placed, and easy to access.  Plus new controls have been added to allow even more sound design possibilities.  New features for performance and playability raise the bar again for soft synths.  Plus, Z3TA+ 2 is now (at last) available for PC & Mac.

Music Radar Best VST Synth PluginsMusicRadar recently updated their list of the 39 Best VST Plugin Synths in the World Today which ranks Z3TA+ 2 at the 13 spot among some formidable competition.

Should Z3TA+ 2 be #1?  We think so. Try Z3TA+ 2 for free today and decide for yourself!

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