Is Z3TA+ 2 the best synthesizer plugin in the world? Try it and decide for yourself.

Z3TA+ 2Well, ultimately that’s up to you, but there are plenty of reasons to argue that it is.

Z2TA+ ClassicFirst and foremost is the legacy of Z3TA+ Classic. Released over 10 years ago, Z3TA+ set the bar for modern analog style soft synths with unparalleled tweakability and waveshaping control. Z3TA+ was pumping out synth leads and fat basses back when EDM was know to most as simply “Techno,” and Dubstep was in it’s infancy.  It’s impossible to quantify the impact of Z3TA+ on the EDM/Synth universe, but from what our users tell us, there are likely tens of thousands of musicians still using their trusty Z3TA+ 1.5 waveshaping synthesizer in music today.

Secondly, Z3TA+ 2 includes over 1000 new sounds AND all 1,093 that ship with the original. Frankly speaking, Z3TA+ 2 is a preset goldmine. These sounds hold up against any synth on the market. Listen to Z3TA+ 2 sound examples for a taste.

But of course there is also the UI redesign and usability overhaul that came with the second version. Z3TA+ 2 now has the sleek, modern interface that is easier on the eyes and easier to navigate. Controls are more spread out, intuitively placed, and easy to access.  Plus new controls have been added to allow even more sound design possibilities.  New features for performance and playability raise the bar again for soft synths.  Plus, Z3TA+ 2 is now (at last) available for PC & Mac.

Music Radar Best VST Synth PluginsMusicRadar recently updated their list of the 39 Best VST Plugin Synths in the World Today which ranks Z3TA+ 2 at the 13 spot among some formidable competition.

Should Z3TA+ 2 be #1?  We think so. Try Z3TA+ 2 for free today and decide for yourself!