47 Reasons Why AAS Instruments Are Incredible (Sound Examples)

We’ve put together some sound examples of the instruments in the AAS Modelling Collection available on the Cakewalk Store for SONAR X3 Producer users. SONAR X3 Producer now includes Strum Acoustic Session and Lounge Lizard Session, but here are a whole bunch of reasons you should consider picking up the entire collection.

Listen to just a few of the stock presets from Chromaphone, Studio String, Tassman, Ultra Analog, Strum Electric, Lounge Lizard, and Strum Acoustic Continue reading “47 Reasons Why AAS Instruments Are Incredible (Sound Examples)”

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Groove3 SONAR X3 Explained Video: SONAR X3 is here with many new features and functions, and SONAR guru Eli Krantzberg takes you from beginning to end, showing how to unleash the true power of this fully featured, cutting edge DAW.

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SWA SONAR X3 New Features video: In this new series of videos, SWA’s Karl Rose takes an in-depth look at SONAR X3’s new features and plugins. These complement SWA Complete SONAR X2, updating the changes and adding the new features.

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Groove3 SONAR X3’s New Features In-depth video: SONAR X3 brought many new features to Cakewalk’s flagship DAW. Do you want to really know them inside and out? SONAR guru Eli Krantzberg blitzes and sacks them all in this in-depth series dedicated to SONAR X3’s new features and functions.

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DAW Best Practices: 11 Easy Tips For Project Organization

1. Categorize your tracks by Color

Categorizing your tracks by color can be one of the biggest advantages to keeping a solid workflow when recording or mixing. If your DAW has the ability to do this then figure it out, it should be fairly obvious where these options are located. Try dedicating color schemes to instruments, types of tracks, and the buses associated with your tracks. This makes the overall environment easier to work with, especially if you are handing your work off to another engineer or the artist themselves.

2. Dedicate a Bus to each one of your tracks or groups of tracks

Making final adjustments to your tracks will become easier and more organized once you take advantage of the bus section within your DAW. Setting your tracks to their own dedicated buses reduces them to a single track so that you can adjust an entire section of instruments with one fader, compressor, EQ, or any other plugin you feel is needed. If you are in the final stages of mixing with an artist at your side, I’ve found that typical comments can consist of “The drums could be louder.” or “Can the vocals come up a bit?” These kinds of adjustments could be difficult if you have tons of automation already laid down on your individual tracks. Sending your tracks to a bus will allow you to adjust overall levels easier and more efficiently.

SONAR X3 allows you to organize your tracks by color or choose to follow bus colors based on routing. Read more about Color Customization in SONAR X3.

3. Name your tracks in a way that makes sense

Audio files will take the names associated with the tracks they were recorded on. If your tracks are set to “Audio Track 1-16” then your audio files will be recorded as “Audio Track 1-16”. Make sure to name your tracks in a way that someone could understand them in a passing glance. My naming convention consists of the instrument type, number, amp name (if applicable) and microphone or DI box used. Here are some useful ways to name your tracks.

  • Guitar 1 Egnator 57
  • Guitar 1 5150 421
  • Bass 1 DI
  • Bass 1 Ampeg
  • Vocal 1 U47
  • Kick IN 52
  • Snare Bottom 414

Here are some examples of inefficient ways to name your tracks:

  • Mic 1 John
  • Drum 1 AWESOME
  • Guitar Right 1
  • Bass HEAVY tone 3
  • Kevin
  • Audio Track 27

Notice the difference? Figure out a system that works for you and stick with it.

4. Group tracks that have variations of mic placements

When recording or editing multi-mic’d instruments its useful to group your tracks in a way where all the tracks can be edited at once. At one point in your career you will record an amp that could have 5 microphones on it or a drum set that consists of 20 microphones. Setting up this type of group will allow you make alterations to these tracks without too much headache.

SONAR X3‘s “Region Groups” feature makes it easy to group and edit multiple audio regions at once.

5. Version your projects manually

Manually versioning your projects should be second nature regardless of whether or not your DAW contains an automatic save feature. Every 5 minutes go to Save As and label your project as “Project Name” followed by a number. This keeps your projects organized in a way that allows you to recall your work at a moments notice without relying on some sort of invisible background process. It’s important to have a system in place for saving your projects. It will save you in some of the worst case scenarios.

6. Make a dedicated “Bounce” or “Stems” folder

Some DAWs perform this function by default, but you don’t have to change your platform to take advantage of this easy tip. When processing your mixes or rendering stems always make sure to save this audio data to a dedicated folder separate from your audio files folder. This will save you the headache of scrolling through your audio files folder looking for your latest mix or batch of stems.

Just about every DAW has an “Export Audio” window. Change the filepath for this to your project folder and make a new folder called “Bounces” or “Stems”.

  • PC shortcut is CTRL+SHIFT+N for a new folder

  • Mac short is Cmd+Shift+N for a new folder

Once you make the new folder, make another new folder within your Bounce or Stems folder with the current date. Save your audio accordingly.

Now as you send mixes out for review you, will know what mixes were sent and when they were sent. Obviously you can use email for this information, but why not have this data available right in your project folder?

7. Save your plugin presets

This might come as an obvious detail to some, but to others it doesn’t sound so obvious. Saving your plugin presets is definitely worth your time and effort. Everyone eventually switches to another computer or needs to rebuild a project. Having a folder with your presets saved as separate files can be useful in the event your presets do not load or load incorrectly. Never assume that your presets will stay intact, especially with projects that are a few years old.

Learn how to set up your Addictive Drums in SONAR X3.

8. Always render your instrument tracks

Make a decision and stick with it. Once you find a sound you like, render it, or mix it down so that idea is encapsulated in an audio file. Loading large sample libraries or syncing external sound generators slows down your session flow. It’s hard to hit the creative ground running when your computer and DAW are constantly keeping you waiting and waiting for unneeded reasons. Do not be afraid to make a decision about a sound. It boils down to knowing your tools and how they work. If you achieved a specific sound once, then you can definitely do it again and better than before.

Rendering your instrument tracks has other benefits too. You don’t need to worry about the MIDI sequencing misaligning with your project tempos, or other computers not having the same plugins you’ve purchased. Saving your data as workable stems or mixes will keep your ideas flowing without any technical speedbumps in the way.

SONAR X3 has been using Fast Bounce capabilities for over 10 years. Choose to bounce your tracks in place, bounce your tracks with buses, bounce tracks to a new track, bounce through your mixbus, or just simply freeze your audio in place.

9. Create templates

Templates will save you time and keep your session organized. Working on full length records can be tedious depending on the style of recording that needs to be done. Some albums start with the drums, move to the guitars, and then vocals, etc. Other albums can be made one song at a time regardless of instrumentation. In the end it’s the engineer’s job to make sure that transitioning from project to project is an easy task with quick setup. Making templates with plugins, routing, and naming conventions already inputted will allow you to move faster than you would think.

The same kind of logic can be applied to the mixing world. Make a template of your typical 2Mix bus, audio buses, and favorite processing plugins so that you can just drop in audio files and begin working. Time saving is important, but being organized is what makes or breaks your session flow.

SONAR X3‘s powerful track and project templates allow users to fully customize a project for any environment.

10. Master your keyboard shortcuts

Everyone should have a set of their favorite keyboard shortcuts within their DAW. Know them and master them so that your workflow does not suffer from mis-clicking or awkwardly sensitive mouse scrolling configurations. Some DAWs allow for customizable keyboard shortcuts and the ability to import and export shortcut libraries. Get to know these types of features because speed and efficiency is what will save you time in the studio and allow you to focus on the music. Create shortcuts for recording, mixing, composing, or even audio editing so that you can fly between different workflows without fumbling around in menus and with mouse clicks.

SONAR X3 comes with keyboard shortcuts from other DAWs and allows it’s users to make their own and save them externally.

11. Use Markers and name them accordingly

Markers can be overlooked by aspiring engineers and producers, so make sure to understand how to generate them and modify their names. Mark the verse, chorus, lead section, bridge, intro, outro, and possible punch points so that you know exactly where to go when the artist or producer needs to jump to different sections. You are never going to know exactly where every small important detail of the track starts or even its timestamp unless you are very close to the music. Markers are there to be used, so use them!


SONAR X3 was used in these pictures, click here to find out more.

Setting Up Gobbler in SONAR X3

Setting up in Gobbler in SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer is easy. Here is a quick step by step on how to do it.

  • Go to Gobbler’s website and make an account.


  • Make sure to use the code that was given to you when you purchased SONAR X3. This will give you 20GB of additional free storage on their servers.
  • Download the Gobbler app from here:


  • Once downloaded, install Gobbler.
  • Open up the Gobbler app and sign into your account that you created.

Once this is done simply open up SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, or SONAR X3 Producer and click on the “G” on the Gobbler module in the control bar to turn on Gobbler.


If you do not see the Gobbler module then you may have to rearrange your Control Bar.

You can do this by right-clicking on the it and unticking some modules that you don’t use.

Gobbler will probably say (Offscreen).

Why is Gobbler awesome? Check this out this article to find out.

Find out more about Gobbler and SONAR X3 here.

What Customers Are Saying About SONAR X3 [User Reviews]

Cakewalk has been blessed with an extremely loyal user fan base. As a result, each new SONAR release brings a wave passionate users who line up to get their hands on the powerful new toys or feature updates they have been requesting.

But, understandably, there are also many customers who prefer to not rush into their SONAR Upgrade.  If you are reading this post you might be one who is holding out to see what people are saying on the Cakewalk Forums, Facebook, & Twitter.


On Twitter

@Full_Metal_Chef – @CakewalkInc SONARX3 is amazing!!!

@SarahSchonert – Gonna settle in with the headphones soon for a night of mixing… @CakewalkInc I’m loving my SONAR X3 Producer!

@DanielLeSaux – @CakewalkInc Not sure what the Bakers did but X3b runs even smoother than X3a. Thanks guys!

@garethcoker – @CakewalkInc best thing is the save time on v.large projects is (somehow!) DRASTICALLY reduced. And yeah, it just ‘feels’ smooth.

@AudioTechnologyWith every update of SONAR, Cakewalk Software stuffs in a whole bunch of new goodies. SONAR X3 is no exception.

@cdmblogs – Edit audio as fluidly as MIDI, and then some, in the DAW. http://t.co/ddqwg3LBHG

@VSTparty – New @Cakewalkinc SONAR X3 to offer unlimited MIDI and Audio tracks. A consumer DAW to rival Garage Band?

On Facebook

Chris Benner – X3[b] is already rock solid on my end… best SONAR to date!

Ben Weeks – Unlimited tracks! You kick Pro tools asssss!

Ken Quigley – VST3…Finally…Awesome!!!

Kakak Vox – SONAR X3 wow, amazing I love it.

Lane Gaffney – LOVE the new VST organization!

DeRon KU McElveen – Been a SONAR user for 8 yrs. the new software is the top of the line. No DAW can compare.

Leighton Morrell – The ProChannel has to be one of the BEST features of any DAW. Great sounds.

Gary VanderHaeghe – Just the addon’s are worth more than the update cost and are phenomenal, going from x2a producer to x3b producer was a huge improvement if you can believe that as x2 producer was already a fantastic work tool.

Bobby Cox – X3 is brilliant. So far, for me, very stable. This update [X3b] is a nice bonus to help fix some little bugs. Much appreciated.

On the Forums

X3 is wonderfully smooth and stable so far on my rig, definitely feels like the dev team finally got some time to sweep out the corners and do all the itty-bitty fine-tuning. – …wicked 

Though I have not purchased X3 yet (Next Monday I Hope), I want to thank The Bakers for adding the Spectrum Analyzer to the already wonderful Quad EQ… Something I’ve wanted for a long time. – Keni

I applaud Cakewalk for releasing a great product in X3, their willingness to support it with patches, and the very obvious renewed commitment to being responsive to users. – neirbod

We have a really solid product that really has had some blood, sweat, tears as well as users who have made great suggestions. – Danny Danzi

I have used Cubase and PT a lot, as well as Studio One and Reaper, but only for work, when I have to. SONAR is the DAW I recommend to people, and the one I use by choice. – jb101

X3 without a doubt is solid and my fav version of SONAR. – djjhart

I keep being amazed by Melodyne (and the ARA integration). I hummed a bass line (and my humnming is iffy at best!!), dropped it into a track with Cakewalk SI bass, and it all worked beautifully. – 3dmus

In all my versions of cakewalk products from PA9 to X3 I’ve never had a single feature change the way I work like “comping mode”. It’s like working on tape machine in a futuristic fantasy world.  In the past I used to have a very long handed way of punching in but now it’s crazy how fast I can work. […] I’m already more than pleased with where the software has gone with this version. – wmb

I feel like whether anyone else has formally recognized it loudly or not: Cakewalk have come through BIG TIME with this release. – groove


Music Radar

#3 / 10 – Smoothness: “OK, we’ll admit that this one is bit subjective, but we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed it. Users on forums across the net have been reporting the same thing: SONAR X3 is smooth.”

#10 / 10 – Comping:  “The new Comping function refines the idea to near-perfection.”

Read more

8 Reasons Why Gobbler Cloud Collaboration Is Awesome for Musicians

Cloud collaboration has become the new standard within today’s music industry. Before this, artists, engineers, and producers would collaborate through the mail and other various delivery systems. Here are 8 reasons why collaborating with Gobbler is awesome for musicians.

1. Saves You Time

Gobbler saves you the time and exhaustion of gathering files, uploading files, and sending files to someone on the other side of country or world. Within SONAR X3, Gobbler acts as a native component right within the control bar so that you don’t even have to export your ideas from the program to send them. Think about the time you spend bouncing your ideas to an audio file, accessing your email, uploading to an FTP site, and then making sure that the person on the other end can gain access to your one idea. That’s time you could have spent creating another great idea.

2. Distance Doesn’t Matter

Let’s say you wanted to collaborate on a track with someone that you met at a festival or a trade show. Your studios are 2500 miles away from one another and your budgets don’t include that kind of airfare for one on one collaboration anytime soon. The beauty of cloud based collaboration is that your idea can be in someone else’s studio almost immediately, regardless of distance. You don’t have to send a package through customs for it to get to another country, or worry about it getting lost in transit. Creativity shouldn’t have that kind of baggage and Gobbler makes sure of that.

3. Easy to Use

One of most important things to note about Gobbler is its ease of use. This service requires minimal setup with very few concepts to get tangled up in. With the service now completely integrated into SONAR, it’s a matter clicking one button and entering the email address of the recipient. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

4. Saves You Money

Something that could be overlooked in a home studio is having a dedicated method for delivering products to your clients. This method should not incur too much spending on your business and should be highly effective. For as little as $4/month, you can send as many files as you like to anyone you want. Situations where you need to deliver upwards of 200GB to someone across the country would involve buying hard drive (plus tax), spending money on the gas to get to the FEDEX shipping store, paying for parking (if you’re in a big city), paying for boxes, shipping, and the handling. All of that would come out to more than $30 – which is what Gobbler offers for 250GB of storage on their servers per month.

5. Worry Less

Integrating a product like Gobbler into SONAR X3 comes with more perks than just collaboration. Within the Gobbler module there’s an auto-backup feature. When activated, Gobbler will automatically save your changes as you work and includes versioning, just in case you ever erase something by mistake. You can work and collaborate on your music with confidence in knowing that Gobbler has you backed up.

6. Collaborative Status Icons

Gobbler’s advanced file transfer window keeps you in-the-know on your projects once they are sent to a recipient. Within this window there are 5 different icons under the status column to look for:
 Closed Envelope. File sent, but unopened.
Open Envelope & Checkmark. File has been downloaded successfully.
Closed Envelope & Green Arrow. File is currently being downloaded..
Exclamation Point.  File sent has failed.
Red X-Mark. Email address is not valid.

Having real-time feedback on the files you send to your collaborators is one of the most useful benefits to working with Gobbler. These help you understand if something has gone wrong on the other end of your file transfer and is especially useful if your recipient gives you an incorrect email address.

7. Your collaborators don’t need Gobbler to receive your files

You may have taken the plunge into the Gobbler world but some musicians haven’t for various reasons. You can still send your work to other people regardless of them having the service or not. Each recipient will get regular browser based emails with a link to the files that you send them. These links could be private or public. Using the public link will allow anyone with that link to download it. You can send a revision or a mix to your client and then that client can forward that link to the rest of the band. Public links will expire after 7-days or 20 downloads for security purposes.

8. Upgrade before Dec. 31st and you get an additional 20GB of space for 6 months

If you’re looking to get started on your next Single, EP, or Full-Length record then now is a great time to upgrade to SONAR X3. That upgrade gets you 20GB of space on Gobbler’s servers for the next 6 months. That is in addition to the free 5GB available for all SONAR X3 users to use as long as you like. Gobbler will make collaborating easier so that you can stay focused on your creativity.

SONAR X3 Users: Save 50% off Nomad Factory Plug-ins through Oct. 31st

Nomad Factory

One of the exciting new additions to SONAR X3 Studio & Producer is the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX.  These 19 FX recreate the vintage sound you have loved from decades ago.  If you love the Blue Tubes FX, then you need to check out their other bundle packs which are available at the Cakewalk Store for a special price through October 31st.

Nomad Factory: Analog Mastering Tools (Download) $75/£59/€69 (Save 50%)

  • Includes A.M.T Amp Leveling, A.M.T Max Warm, and A.M.T Multi Max multiband peak limiter.

Nomad Factory: Analog Signature Pack (Download)  $99/£79/€89 (Save 50%)

  • Includes the Program Equalizer EQP-4, the Limiting Amplifier LM-662, and the Studio Chanel SC-226.

Complete Bundle: Integral Studio Pack 3 (Download) $299/£239/€269 (Save 50%)

  • This bundle from Nomad Factory contains everything you might ever need to get the best out of SONAR in a professional studio environment.

Visit the Cakewalk Store to save big on other SONAR X3 Extras.

Feature Spotlight: Gobbler Cloud Saving & Sharing in SONAR X3

Addictive Drums

Artists have been able to collaborate by emailing song ideas back and forth for some time now. But in this age of cloud storage and sharing, collaboration is easier than ever before. Now SONAR X3 users can share, backup, store, and save their work right from the Control Bar using Gobbler. Email projects without having to quit SONAR, or even switch on Gobbler’s auto-backup feature so that projects save in the background. Gobbler is easy to use and does not require any additional installation thanks to the deep integration that SONAR X3 brings to the table. SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer users all have the ability to take advantage of this incredible tool.

Upgrade today for as low as $49


Developer Notes: Gobbler Integration
In a recent blog post, developer Jamie O’Connell goes in depth about Gobbler’s integration and explains each part of this brand new feature and how handy it is to have it right in your DAW.

Read the developer’s notes here


[OFFER EXTENDED] Bonus 20GB of Gobbler storage free with SONAR X3
Buy any version of SONAR X3 before December 31, 2013 and get a bonus 20GB of Gobbler storage for 6 months.  All SONAR X3 customers qualify for a free Gobbler account with 5GB of storage to use as long as they like. Early adopters will receive a code that will entitle the user to a free 6-month 20GB boost (total 25GB for 6 months).  No credit card required. Learn more.