Hollywood Undead: On the road and writing with SONAR X1 Expanded

It’s two weeks into the tour and Hollywood Undead’s guitarist/vocalist/music creator J-Dog is without his tour laminate.  “All the dates are on the back of the laminate,” he says in a calm voice and smiling, “so it looks like I won’t know where I’ll be heading for a while.”  It could be a good thing, because J-Dog doesn’t need any distractions as his mind is set on a few specific targets; gearing up [already] for the next record, and giving Hollywood Undead fans everything the band has to offer on this tour.

The band, who currently are working on SONAR X1 Expanded for their next record are fighting through what is known in the industry as the “Sophomore Slump,” and winning.  “You can’t let your guard down for a minute these days.  You have to keep on working and keep your head on straight in order to stay in the game,” J-Dog tells me in a candid conversation.  “Even though our new record is doing well and the touring is killer, we have to keep it moving to the next record.” Continue reading “Hollywood Undead: On the road and writing with SONAR X1 Expanded”