Summer of SONAR–Here's the 2017.06 Update

After a burst of innovation from the SONAR team during the last several months–which brought us:

…we’ve focused this SONAR 2017.06 release on user experience– polishing up and refining all the new features we’ve recently delivered. Here are a few highlights:

Comping with Melodyne Clips

In the SONAR 2017.06 Update, it is now possible to comp with clips that use Melodyne as well as any other type of Region FX. You can use Melodyne, Drum Replacer, VocalSync and go about comping as you normally would by swiping sections. 

Improved Touch Zooming & Scrolling


Zooming into a particular point using touch in SONAR is better than ever before. The 2017.06 update has improved detection of touch points making it smoother and more accurate. Previously zooming with Touch could cause tracks and clips to feel like they were moving away or scrolling unexpectedly. This now feels fluid and much more natural. Touch Zooming now also has improved anchoring of the touch position so making a desired track larger or zooming into a specific drum hit is reliable, intuitive and feels very precise. These enhancements are both available in the Track view and Piano Roll view.

Improved Project Handling

When creating a new project using the Start Screen “Create Project” or Ctrl + N, SONAR will now help store the project into a folder and keeps better management of all the audio files associated when it is saved. This also improves the behavior of “Save As” and “Save As Copy” When using the same location as the current project to save a revision, SONAR knows this is the original location and will save the revision without creating an additional folder. If you choose a new location for the project, SONAR will place the project in a folder and its associated audio files into the folder when the “Copy all audio with project” is checked. This only effects project files, the behavior for templates, bundles, and MIDI files is unchanged.

On-screen Virtual Controller Usability Improvements

SONAR Virtual Controller
SONAR Virtual Controller

The Virtual Controller has now been separated into two view menu items: Computer Keyboard (Alt+0)  and Piano Keyboard (ALT+SHIFT+0 ). You can now access either mode directly via menu commands and keyboard shortcuts. Opening of one these and saving will now also save with the project. In addition, when the Virtual Controller Computer Keyboard is open, it no longer blocks R (Record), Delete, or shortcuts that use a modifier. This allows you to open views, access menus, and use any multi-key shortcut such as CTRL+S for Save, CTRL+Z for Undo and CTRL+SHIFT+Z for Redo, etc.

30th Anniversary Modulator FX chains

30th Anniversary Modulator FX Chains
30th Anniversary Modulator FX Chains

These 30 FX Chains are based around the Sonitus Modulator, which does flanging, chorusing, tremolo, and as you’ll find out from these presets… a lot more.


This month’s issue covers the latest SONAR 2017.06 update, an interview with Act of Defiance guitarist Chris Broderick, a review of the A|A|S Modeling Collection, and a baker’s dozen Mix Recall Tips.

Fixes for customer-reported issues and so much more!

We continue to prioritize issues reported by customers – this release is loaded with great fixes and small features.

Click here to learn more about SONAR 2017.06

Thank you for being a loyal customer!

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