All of the Cakewalk Deals in one place

At Cakewalk we’re constantly putting together special offers and promotions for our customers–who doesn’t love a deal? To make it even easier to learn about these offers, we created a one-stop spot where everyone can go to learn about these specials.

We’re listing all of our current promos here, no secrets, no hidden tricks–here’s the link:

And as of this post, here are a few specials we have going on now:

  • Save $100 off a new purchase of SONAR Platinum, or save $10/month on our SONAR Platinum rent-to-own plan
  • SONAR X1, SONAR X2, SONAR X3 customers: save 50% on upgrading to SONAR Platinum, SONAR Professional or SONAR Artist
  • Save 50% off the Softube Tube-Tech Classic Channel–and a chance to win a free Console 1 control surface

Cool, right?

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