Subtractive EQ Part 5: When Should I Boost EQ?

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When should I boost?
Some of you may read this and field this very question.  Boosting is something that you can do any time you want with any given instrument.  Obviously it is your own choice in the matter but if you find yourself constantly pulling your faders up and down because your master level is clipping then you may want to apply these EQ techniques to your workflow. In my world it is always a matter of reducing first and then boosting later.

Mixing is as much of an art as it is understanding the logical ways that instruments interact with one another. By offering this (hopefully logical) method throughout this series of articles, I would hope that you could store this away for a day when you want to question your mixing abilities and test your limits. The final sound examples are the four stages that I went through to get this track mixed to my liking.

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