Create Dub-tastic delay effects in SONAR!

Looking for a way to create dub style delay effects in SONAR? Look no further, by following these steps you can easily get that classic dub sound.

First, insert two stereo busses into the project. The first bus “Delay feed” will send the drum signal to the other bus “Delay” which will house the delay plugin.

Then drag the Cakewalk Tempo Delay plugin from the browser to the “Delay” bus to insert the delay into the bus and select the “Rub a Dub” preset from the presets list.

Go to the drum track in the project and create a send to the “Delay feed” bus and select pre fader mode.

Go to the “Delay feed” bus and select the “Delay” bus as the output. Now when the “Delay feed” bus is unmuted the drum signal will be sent to the “delay” bus and the delay effect inserted on the bus.

Experiment with the delay settings to your taste and have some fun!

To see the process and hear the results watch the video


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