Cakewalk's own Dan Kaplan on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch"

SONAR has always been the “working man’s DAW.”  From inception, it was built on the foundational theory that musicians should not be held back or creatively limited.  From electronic beat-wizards to the most authentic acoustic musicians, SONAR has always been a DAW that creative musicians turn to for empowerment.

With the financial troubles of the Major Labels, a common trend is showing more and more very credible artists representing various genres who have the DNA to be on a major label, but successfully continue other career paths while keeping music on the forefront.  Between the troubled economy and the state of the recorded music industry, many people are turning to SONAR to record “major label” sounding tracks on their own to tap into the licensing market, which has enormous potential not just in terms of making money, but also with obtaining national and international exposure.

An example of one these credible artists is Cakewalk’s own Dan Kaplan who takes the Cake-slogan “Created by musicians, for musicians” literally.  One click on any of the songs located here on the audio player and you will be pretty much hooked into some undeniable songwriting, vocal performances, musicianship and production.  The producers of The Discovery Channel’s hit TV show “The Deadliest Catch” literally got hooked into Kaplan’s music where they licensed the track “Around the Bend” which will be airing this Tuesday May 24th at 9pm.  “I’m really psyched to be a part of this revolution where I can stay independent but also reach more people through licensing to major broadcasting outlets” Dan recently stated.  “It still amazes me that we live in a period of time when independent artists have the ability to reach people that might otherwise never get to hear them…I mean we’d be doing what we do regardless because it’s in our blood, but now we have the ability to make our own music – the way that we want – and still reach millions of people with a product like SONAR X1.”

Almost a decade after recording his first EP using Cakewalk software, singer-songwriter Dan Kaplan now resides in Boston, working at the company that helped get him started recording music in the first place. Since then, Kaplan has been busy – and not just redesigning the Cakewalk website or the product packaging for SONAR X1. With last year’s full length album (Year of the Swallowtail), a full length album with his latest project Magnolia due out this fall, 3 EPs, and over 250 songs penned, there’s really no end in sight to his creative endeavors.

Kaplan’s music is suffused with influences ranging from traditional folk and Americana all the way through to more contemporary indie-folk and pop.  His music has drawn comparisons to everyone from Ryan Adams and Wilco, to the anthematic rock of Coldplay and breakout bands like Phoenix; Dan indeed wears many hats but is enjoying the ride of being on the forefront of music technology with Cakewalk, while also being on the forefront of an independent licensing revolution as well.

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