Cakewalk Artist Javier Colon Making His Mark on "The Voice"

A little over a month ago we featured Javier Colon on our blog the day before “The Voice” premiered.  I don’t think anyone had a doubt that he would be anything less than stellar on the show, but I don’t think anyone realized the impact he would have on viewers around the world.  If you have seen the show you know what I am talking about; Javier’s voice is undeniable, and combining that with his first-class demeanor and composure has authentically gained him millions of fans around the world.  Since the premier, Javier has been on a whirlwind ride and we have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with him even though his schedule has changed…  just a bit;)

Taking “The Voice” out of the picture, the best part about what is happening to Javier is that the guy just deserves it.  He has worked hard his whole life, rolled with a lot of punches, made good solid decisions for the right reasons, surrounded himself with a great team of people including his manager Stephen Brush who spotted him a long time ago, and has never given up on the dream of reaching the masses.  For Javier, “The Voice” is just a vehicle at a stopping-station on his musical voyage that has given him the opportunity to authentically connect with music fans.  The timing has been great for Javier with “The Voice” because he had just finished his EP in SONAR and gotten it up on iTunes before the show started.

Javier recently stated, “I am at an exciting place in my career and have been blessed with an enormous amount of exposure as of late.  My EP which is self produced and mixed in SONAR has really spiked since my participation on ‘The Voice’ and is now # 130 on ITunes top 200 Albums.  With everyone’s help I think we can break the top 100.  I’ve been using SONAR and Cakewalk software for over 10 years and I love it.  I went from using the program in college just to get my musical ideas down, to recording my latest CD, ‘The Truth-Acoustic EP’, using SONAR entirely; it has everything I need to make amazing recordings from my project studio.  Thanks for all your support and I firmly believe ‘What’s meant to be is meant to be.’”

This is a great period of time for Javier and other artists who can make their own professional recordings in SONAR and possibly end up reaching the masses.  Yes the Major Labels are having trouble, but there are plenty of other lucrative opportunities out there for people who have the talent and the drive to take control of their recordings like Javier.  The next episode of “The Voice” will air on Tuesday at 9pm EST on NBC where we will find out the results of this week’s voting; and of course we wish Javier all the best.

There are three methods to vote if you would like to support Javier:

  1. Go to
  2. Dial 1(855)864-2308 (Charges may apply)
  3. Purchase the song on iTunes that Javier performed from here

A full description of the rules of voting can be found here

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