Free MP3 Exporting from Cakewalk

MP3 export is now available for all SONAR customers at no charge.

Recently the patent royalties associated with MP3 encoding expired. Cakewalk is excited to offer MP3 encoding free of charge to SONAR customers.

Your MP3 encoding chariot awaits you! Please click this link to download. 


Here are some of our favorite SONAR features currently available in SONAR Artist, Professional or Platinum:

  • Automatic tempo tracking
  • ProChannel customizable mixer architecture
  • Unlimited tracks, buses, and inserts
  • Ultra-high-quality mastering effects (L-Phase EQ, L-Phase MB, Adaptive Limiter)
  • Mix Recall to save, load, compare, and export mixes
  • VocalSync to tighten vocals and dialog
  • Super-laptop friendly, with virtual keyboard and 5 ms latency for internal sound cards
  • Drum Replacer
  • Patch Points for routing audio to and from any track, including Bus to Audio Tracks
  • Aux Tracks for submixing, summing, and controlling multiple tracks simultaneously
  • Plug-in Load Balancing—run tons of plug-ins with complex projects
    MIDI Transform tool for fast, efficient MIDI controller data editing
    Smart Swipe to reduce repetitive clicking
  • MIDI Bluetooth support
  • “Lenses” to customize SONAR’s focus to specific tasks
  • Theme Editor to customize SONAR’s look however you want
  • Plug-In Upsampling for better sound from virtual instruments and amp sims
  • Valuable extras: Melodyne Essential, TH3 Guitar amp Simulator, Addictive Drums 2, ReMatrix Solo Reverb. Boz Digital ProChannel modules, Rapture Session instrument with 450 programs, custom Amp Sim FX chains by Craig Anderton, Nomad Factory Blue Tubes processors, AAS Strum Session 2
  • Single-knob ProChannel “Style Dial FX” for super-fast processing
  • Create, edit, and save stretchable “Acidized” files
  • Best-in-class Sample Rate Conversion

Catch up on SONAR today!

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  1. What would be awesome is if you put a hyper link to each one of those bullets with a more detailed definition, example, or location. Here is an example – you keep telling me I have: •Ultra-high-quality mastering effects (L-Phase EQ, L-Phase MB, Adaptive Limiter). I have yet to find it in Sonar Platinum. I’ll keep looking

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