Cakewalk Announces Simpler SONAR Prices

Simplified Pricing for SONAR
Simplified Pricing for SONAR

A decade ago, we came up with a system in good faith to give our customers the best price possible based on what Cakewalk products they already owned. But as we developed new products and updates over the years, and the number of upgrade pricing paths multiplied, our system became more confusing to customers and became less helpful.

Now it’s time to simplify!

Are you new to SONAR?

You’re not alone—more and more musicians are discovering why SONAR is becoming the choice of pros. SONAR’s innovations delivered every month, range from unique features like the adaptive User Interface known as “Lenses,” to many other exclusive highlights such as having a Drum Replacer built-in on every track. We believe your tools should never compromise your creativity—and SONAR’s ongoing evolution opens up new creative possibilities every month.

When you buy SONAR, either from our online store or from your favorite retailer, you own the product outright – enjoy!

As a new SONAR owner, you’ll get 12 months of free updates from Cakewalk, including bug fixes as well as brand new features.

When you shop from the Cakewalk online store, we also give you the option to rent-to-own SONAR with monthly payments. After 12 payments, you own the product.

Upgrading SONAR to a more advanced edition

Starting May 1, 2017, if you want to upgrade your copy of SONAR to a more advanced edition, you simply pay the difference in the current price.

If you own SONAR Home Studio, upgrade to SONAR Artist, Professional or Platinum for $49.99 off the regular price.

If you own SONAR Artist, upgrade to SONAR Professional or Platinum for $99.99 off the regular price.

If you own SONAR Professional, upgrade to SONAR Platinum for $199.99 off the regular price.

We will no longer offer discounts for any other editions of SONAR or from other Cakewalk products.

Stay current with SONAR

Cakewalk’s unique approach to updating technology monthly has revolutionized SONAR. New and old SONAR users alike have seen the DAW materialize into a modern and inspiring system—combining all the benefits of analog warmth with intuitive digital workflow. From unique tools such as Drum Replacer, VocalSync and Console Emulation that save time and enhance sonic quality, to serious workflow enhancements such as Patch Points, Aux Tracks and Mix Recall; the new SONAR gives you so many options to express and capitalize on your musical creativity.

After your first 12 months of free updates on your new purchase of SONAR, you can buy another 12 months of updates for at least 50% off the regular price of SONAR.

Or, if you signed up for the rent-to-own plan, just continue to pay monthly for at least 50% off your regular monthly rate.

This new pricing model will go into effect on May 1, 2017.

SONAR never expires

As a SONAR owner, if you choose not to update, don’t worry — SONAR never expires. Period. You can keep enjoying it as you have been – you just won’t receive any more updates.

25 Replies to “Cakewalk Announces Simpler SONAR Prices”

  1. I am the owner of “sonar x1” I want sonar platinum but I want to get a genuine box.
    And I do not have a credit card, I only have a post office debit card. Can I get a “sonar platinum box” in Korea after I send it to my sonar …?

  2. Dear sir , I have Sonar x3 producer, and would like to upgrade to Platinum, could you send me pricing and a link were I can obtain it please. Kind regards Paul.

      1. As far as I can tell, there is no discount for moving up to the new membership Sonars from the Sonar X’s. I have X-3 but I’m just like a brand-new customer when it comes to the latest Sonars. And what about my X-3 Melodyne 4? If I uninstall X-3, will I still get the same version 4 if I go to Professional?… Not happy…

        1. Hi David,

          Thanks for reaching out to us.

          You can still get a discount up until April 30th. If you go to and login to your account, you’ll see your upgrade prices.

          And, yes, SONAR Professional does include Melodyne 4 Essential.

  3. Salve ho SonarLe per passare a SONAR Artista, Professional o Platinum quanto costa? versione italiana grazie cordialità moreno

  4. I want to upgrade from Sonar X-3e Studio to Sonar Professional but the pricing I see has no discount indicated. IS there a discount for these versions or am I expected to pay the same as a clean install of the new product?

  5. Hey, I paid 149$ for a years upgrade and then ythe company changed their offer to 149 $ for perpetual upgrades. I understand that timing is of essence here; still I feel entitled to the same treatment as the newcomers to Sonar.

    1. Hi Pierre, are you referring to the lifetime updates campaign we ran? That campaign offer was open to everyone – new customers and old customers.

  6. Dear Sir, I own the Sonar X1 and Sonar X3 producer, and I thinking upgrade to Sonar platinum,
    I want to know it’s a download or software dish in the box?
    ( l likely to have the software dish in the box )
    and…. can I install it to my 2 computer? thanks for you help.


    1. Hi Ming, SONAR Platinum is download only from If you find a boxed copy with a retailer, it simply contains a redemption code to download the software.

  7. I have been a dedicated Sonar user since Sonar8, and have owned Platinum since its addition. Why is it no longer ( it used to be easy)possible in any of the available forms possible to contact, or even get ANY responses from my account emails ,phone calls and any of the dozen or so phone numbers you used to use? After no less than 20 attempts to get any responses over the past year to EVEN 1 of my information requests ( which were critical to my projects) I reside in Fitchburg Ma.and am sincerely considering visiting your new Boston Headquarters with a camera and microphone to investigate personally why , after YEARS of good even great service, there has literally been 0 replies to my info. requests that (I FELT IMPORTANT AFTER SPENDING GOOD $ TO UPGRADE TO SONAR PLATINUM) In the past year plus, I have not recieved 1 phone call, email ( except for sales purposes) text? NOTHING!!!! I literally gave up, and still love Platinum, and after lots of $ invested, Have not purchased any available Competitive Upgrades available from many competitors, although I’ve RIGHTFULLY had good cause after being left for DEAD by Cakewalk! I challenge, and WILL REPORT on any, or No CONTACT! I BELIEVE CAKEWALK OWES ME, AND ANY AND ALL PEOPLE I’VE REPORTED THIS TO, SOME MUCH DESERVED ANSWERS AND EXPLAINATIONS!

    1. Hi Bob, we did have a rough summer in 2016 with support, but we’ve ironed out our problems. I went into our records and saw that we did respond to your emails, albeit late, and there was an email sent to you in October asking for more information about your case, but we never got a response. So, to say we’ve never responded is untrue. But, we do admit we were extremely slow. Are you still having product issues?

  8. Sometime ago I paid $99 for what was described as lifetime updates. My cakewalk account says i receive updates forever. Will this change with your new pricing model?

    1. If you’ve purchased Lifetime Updates, then that’s what you get – you will not be impacted by this change in our prices.

  9. Presently before May 1 I can upgrade my Sonar X3 copy to Sonar Platinum for $199 or go to the monthly plan for $19.99/month. It appears that after May 1 I will have to pay full price for Sonar Platinum. Is that right?

    On the other hand if I pay the $199 for the 1 year upgrade to Platinum before May 1, my cost for the next year would be 1/2 of $500 or $250. Is that right?

    Then again if I go with the monthly plan for $19.99 for Sonar Platinum for one year, does the monthly plan drop to 50% of $19.99 (my then regular monthly rate) for the next year or around $10? Am I reading that right? If that is so, it would appear that I should go with the Monthly rate as that would be a lot less than the $250 total for the next year.

    1. Judy, I think you have it, yes – going monthly now may be a better deal for you if those are the rates you’re seeing when you login to your account.

      1. Can I go with the $199 upgrade from X3 to Platinum for the 1st year and then switch to the monthly rate for the next year if it is still $10 or half of the proposed monthly rate for the 1st year?
        Also, if I do the $199 upgrade for for the 1st year, will the store then show me options for the 2nd year?

        1. You can switch to monthly after the 1st year, and you’d pay no more than 50% off the regular price of Platinum monthly which would be 50% off $50/month, or a maximum of $25/month. We may run promotions from time-to-time to give you a better discount.

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