Reader's Choice: Most Popular Guitar Production Articles in 2014

by Dan Gonzalez

14 Tips for Guitars Before Entering the Studio

Entering the studio can be a stressful task if it is your first time. Here at Cakewalk we’ve outlined a few things that every guitarist should know before walking into a tracking session. This article has been brought to you by the our reader’s community as one of the most-read articles, so enjoy! You can check out the article here.

Guitar Month Bonus Pack (Free Downloads)

Cakewalk vetern Craig Andertons brings you some of the top guitar-related content that he has in his vast collection of creations. Check out and download the free content here.

How to create a virtual 12-string guitar

Ever want a 12-string guitar sound, but didn’t have one at your immediate disposal? Well Craig Anderton has some tricks up his sleeve to cure that. Check out this article Craig put together for Guitar Month about creating a virtual 12-string guitar in SONAR X3. Check out article here.

Five Questions about using stompboxes with SONAR

Plug-in signal processors are a great feature of computer-based recording programs like SONAR, but you may have some favorite stompboxes with no plug-in equivalents—like that cool fuzz pedal you love, or the ancient analog delay you scored on eBay. Fortunately, with just a little bit of effort you can make SONAR think external hardware effects are actually plug-ins. Check out the article here.

Subtractive EQ: Part 2: Heavy Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Your guitar tone can change significantly by carving out the correct frequencies and reducing those that introduce unwanted noise. Distorted electric guitars tend to occupy most of the mid-range based on their nature of their sound. Check out the rest of the highly-read article here.