Cakewalk at NAMM 2014

NAMM embodies so many different aspects of the music industry that it’s hard to describe it in a few words. As a first time NAMM newbie I for one can say that it is a music geek’s ultimate paradise for poking and prodding different companies about the products they bring to the show. Attending with Cakewalk gave me the freedom to demonstrate world-class software as well as interact face to face with our customers and users.


10am Thursday morning started off with a slow crowd which eventually turned into a steady rush of info-hungry attendees asking all levels of questions in all different forms. The surrounding booths began their performances and the infamous 85 decibel sound ordinance restrictions were in effect.


The first day progressed and every one who stopped by the SONAR X3 station got a demonstration of SONAR X3 Producer’s new features like Track Comping, ARA integration, ProChannel, TH2 Producer, and Melodyne.

The head turning features were obviously our immaculate integration with Celemony’s Medolyne Essential pitch correction software. Not to mention, we announced our latest iPad app – Z3ta+ iOS. As seen by the picture, I was having a good time entertaining Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank about Tronical’s minE-Tune technology on the back of the this Gibson guitar.

Second day of NAMM was even busier, with more users and more good things to say. That night around closing time, I was approached by lifelong user Karl Sanders from the metal band “Nile”. His work in Nile defined a generation of my fellow Metal Heads and, as it turns out, it was all done in different versions SONAR over the years. Karl was happy to meet the team and let us know that our software has been a major part of his music career.

The third day of NAMM was just as busy. Famous artists from numerous famous groups made an appearance on the floor with their entourage to stand at their respective booths and sign autographs.

The last and final day was quieter and allowed me to have longer and more complex one on one tutorials with users.
Some users came up and jammed on the guitar that was at our booth and were thoroughly convinced that I was hiding an amp some where due to the tone that they were getting.

Fellow baker Ryan Munnis was able to give a lengthy look at SONAR X3 with one person who had tons of deep questions about the inner workings of the software.

NAMM 2014 was a success all the way to the final last moments and I am glad that the team and I were there to help represent our incredible software to all of our new and current users.