The Guitars We love: Cakewalk Staff Show & Tell

You may have noticed that it’s guitar month here at Cakewalk, and we sure do love our guitars!  In fact, about 3/4 of the Cakewalk staff plays and owns at least one guitar.  So we thought we would wrap up the month with a little show and tell of some of our favorites. Share your favorite guitars with us on Facebook.

Adam (IT) with his 2004 Epiphone Joe Perry Boneyard Les Paul Standard & his drummer.


Dave (Development): On the left is my 1980 Les Paul Custom, which I’ve had since I was 17. On the right is my 1992 Epiphone Sheraton II.


Lars (Customer Support) rocking his Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Bass on stage.


Seth (Development): Collectables include 1957 BR-9 Lap steel, 1954 LG-1 Acoustic, 1994 Les Paul Classic Plus, & 1959 GA-18 Amp.


Noel (Development) showing off his prized Gibson ES-335TD built in 1980.


Michael (Sales): My first guitar! 1990 Les Paul Studio in Wine Red purchased from Atomic Music in College Park, MD for $400.