Where does that pumping saw bass sound come from? Z3TA+

Guest Blogger: Sharooz of Sample Magic


Bio Information: Sharooz has proven himself as a talented sound designer, and provides sounds and patches for numerous companies including Cakewalk. His biggest record to date was ‘Get Off’ which was released more than 3 years ago on his own label ‘La Bombe.’ The record was played by some of the biggest DJ’s in the world such as Moby, Dada Life, Soulwax and Boys Noize, and reached no.2 on Beatport.

Sharooz: The question I’m almost always asked is ‘Where does the pumping saw bass sound come from and how do you made it so thick and fat?’

Check out Sharooz’s original mix ‘Get Off’ with the nasty bass line

Sharooz – ‘Get Off’ (Original Mix) by Sharooz

Answer: I used Z3TA+, and the basis for the sound is a preset called Techno Strait. I turned the arpeggio pattern off, converted it to mono and stacked on the Smart Shaper distortion effect.

The key to the dirt in the sound is to turn the decimator all the way up. You can get some truly evil tones just by tweaking that! The phatness arises from layering more than one saw. From memory I think the sound consists of 3 saw waveforms out of phase with each other.

The distortion effect is one of the warmest and most analogue sounding I have ever heard in a plugin. I didn’t really treat the sound on the way out. Just some basic limiting and a little EQ to boost the bottom end around 80 Hz. The built-in EQ curve on the preset fits perfectly because it scoops out a lot of the low-mids and means the bass sounds really loud in the track ! I used the Wide 1 EQ presets which works perfectly.

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If you want to learn more about Sharooz, please visit his official website.