V-Studio 700 Featured On 'Into Tomorrow' Radio Show

Cakewalk Product Specialist Seth Perlstein chats with Into Tomorrow’s Dave Graveline at the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, California. Into Tomorrow is a syndicated radio program featuring the latest developments in consumer electronics and technology. Over 100 AM & FM radio stations across the US, on Sirius / XM satellite radio and around the world broadcast the 3-hour show on a weekly basis. The pair discuss Cakewalk’s role in outfitting video game developers with the best tools to create music for their projects.

Being eyed by the video game industry’s top composers is Cakewalk by Roland’s flagship product in the V-Studio line of integrated software / hardware solutions, the SONAR V-Studio 700.

Winner of the 2009 MIPA Award for Best Recording Hardware and Keyboard Magazine’s prestigious Key Buy Award, the SONAR V-Studio 700 matches SONAR 8 Producer with the VS-700C multi-function control surface and the VS700R V-Studio 100 I/O audio interface which includes Roland’s Fantom VS Hardware Synthesizer.

The VS700C V-Studio console (now sold separately) offers fast and comprehensive hands-on access to all of the power of SONAR 8 Producer, including extensive editing operations. With touch-sensitive features such as the surround joystick, jog & shuttle wheel, transport controls, and T-Bar with X-Ray functionality and front/rear balance control, the VS700C gives you the very best, at-your-fingertips mixing experience.

It also provides dedicated digital control of the VS-700R V-Studio I/O. With the press of a button, the VS-700C can switch functionality to control any V-Link compatible video and digital imaging hardware including Edirol’s DV-7 line of direct linear video editing systems. It’s perfect for soundtracking and A/V production.

The SONAR V-Studio 700 also includes countless instruments and sound modules from Cakewalk’s award-winning soft-synths Rapture, Z3TA+, and Dimension Pro to Roland’s legendary Fantom Synthesizer. You can even creat your own beats and grooves with SONAR’s step sequencer and exclusive drag n’ drop looping instrument, Beatscape.

Composing for video games has become a lucrative endeavor for musicians, who increasingly need advanced technologies to meet the demands of the game development community. The SONAR V-Studio 700, for example, offers musicians the cutting-edge production tools they need to create the soundscapes and aural sensations that will enhance tomorrow’s videogames.

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