NAMM 2012 Videos and CakeTV Live Webinar

Recently we released our NAMM videos to CakeTV. The six videos contain over an hour of footage of SONAR X1 demonstrations narrated by a combination of Cakewalk staff and Cakewalk artists. And there’s certainly a lot of interesting and useful information to be seen (and heard).

However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the video’s audio quality didn’t turn out quite as expected. With our booth in the Roland arena, and with so many adjacent demo booths within direct earshot, said audio contains not only what’s in the demo being filmed but also a lot of what’s going on around it.

Seth Perlstein at the tail end of one of his SONAR X1 demo at NAMM 2012

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Enter the Mod Matrix With SONAR X1d

By now you may have heard about the upcoming X1d update which will be free for all registered SONAR X1 customers. And you may have also seen the press release which lists all of the features and enhancements contained in the free update.

However, what you might not have seen is just how insanely cool the FX Chains 2.0’s new Mod Matrix is. OK, since its really just a couple of menus it may not look cool, but what it does is absolutely awesome.

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Cakewalk at NAMM 2012 – Roland Arena (booth #7400)

If you’re heading to Southern California for NAMM this year be sure to stop by the Cakewalk booth, where we have many exciting presentations planned featuring some very special guest artists. And if you can’t make it in person, don’t worry, we’ll have something for you too.

Demonstrations will take place at the Cakewalk booth starting at the bottom of each hour (10:30 AM and so on). A number of these will feature Cakewalk staff displaying the full power of SONAR X1 as the tool for modern music creation and production. You’ll see music develop from blank slate to fully produced using SONAR’s cutting edge features and blisteringly fast workflow. We’ll create and produce tracks showing the wide-range of features available in SONAR X1 Production Suite including Z3TA+ 2 and all the latest ProChannel modules.

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Ron Cote and Pristine Productions Utilizing SONAR X1 with Chart-topping Rock Acts

When it comes to SONAR, many of us often just think of recording and creating music for one medium, but there are many people out there using it in other ways.  Pristine Productions is a company based out of Philadelphia that has been using SONAR for many years to record Major Label artists; only not in the traditional sense…

Week-in and week-out, Ron Cote and his crew are found working with some of the biggest names in the business such as Shinedown, Disturbed, Stone Sour, Staind, Avenged Sevenfold and most recently, the undeniable Adrenaline Mob who are currently making a huge mark in the rock world.  When I say “working with” I am talking about a platform beyond recorded music that extends into the depths of capturing the whole “concert experience” on video.  Ron is hired by Major Labels and directly by bands to go into the trenches and capture those moments that give us all goose-bumps; those moments where a guitar solo just sounds way better than it did on the studio version of the song; or those moments where the lead singer delivered an inspirational melody he/she should have put on the studio record. Continue reading “Ron Cote and Pristine Productions Utilizing SONAR X1 with Chart-topping Rock Acts”

SONAR X1 Video – Linear & Non-linear Music Production

There are lots of ways to make music – from precise, deliberate composition to live performance and freeform improvisation. You might want traditional, linear multi-tracking or you might want to just experiment and jam. The good news is you don’t have to choose. Merging the realtime, experimental approach of loop and phrase based composition with traditional, linear multi-track style production, SONAR X1 is specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds.
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SONAR X1 – CakeTV Video Get Started – ASIO audio device Configuration

Once you have connected your audio device it is important to ensure you have the right settings in SONAR. Configuring your audio device properly in SONAR will ensure you get the best performance and lowest latency. This video tutorial will take you through how to get the settings right in SONAR to get the best performance out of  SONAR recording audio.

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