NAMM 2012 Videos and CakeTV Live Webinar

Recently we released our NAMM videos to CakeTV. The six videos contain over an hour of footage of SONAR X1 demonstrations narrated by a combination of Cakewalk staff and Cakewalk artists. And there’s certainly a lot of interesting and useful information to be seen (and heard).

However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the video’s audio quality didn’t turn out quite as expected. With our booth in the Roland arena, and with so many adjacent demo booths within direct earshot, said audio contains not only what’s in the demo being filmed but also a lot of what’s going on around it.

Seth Perlstein at the tail end of one of his SONAR X1 demo at NAMM 2012

Now, if you’ve never been to an event like a NAMM show and you’ve always wanted to simulate the unique, frantic, bombastic environment that descends upon Anaheim each January, then play these videos over a home theater system that can simulate surround from a stereo mix.

And crank it up.

However, if you prefer your SONAR demos without the fuss and distractions of said annual trade show, read on.

Next week will be the debut of CakeTV Live with part one of our two part NAMM Sessions webinar series. In part one I’ll be doing the demo I did at NAMM, but with a twist.

I’ll be using X1d.

CakeTV Live – NAMM Sessions Part 1:  Thursday Feb 23rd at 2:00pm PST.
[More info coming shortly on how to join the webinar.]

For those of you awaiting the upcoming X1d patch this will be a must-watch. I’ll weave into my demo the various features of X1d like the Quad-Curve EQ, the Mod Matrix from the enhanced FX Chains 2.0, the updated Metronome, and more.

Plus, we’ll have a live Q & A session at the end of the webinar.

Next month, part two will feature Brandon Ryan doing his NAMM demo. Stay tuned for an official announcement with the exact date, time, and link for next week’s and next month’s webinars.

In the meantime, upgrade to SONAR X1 Producer Expanded or find a dealer near you to become a SONAR user.