Meet the Bakers: Mike L

I began playing Drums when I was 8 years old after my Dad set up his old kit from the 70’s. I played for a few years until I picked up my first guitar at a second hand music shop in New Hampshire. I played for hours everyday until the noise I was making started to sound like a melody. My friends and I started a punk band at the age of 13. We weren’t the best in my neighborhood, but definitely the loudest. At this point I knew I wanted to play music everyday for the rest of my life.

When I got to high school, I tried to find every music class I could. My first class freshman year was an electronic music class. In this class we used a version of Cakewalk Music Creator. I started becoming extremely interested in music production and wanted to learn everything I possibly could. I started to listen to my favorite albums and try to recreate the sounds I was hearing. To gain some experience, I started recording local bands in my basement by hanging mic cables over pipes for overheads. I remember listening to the album ‘Revolver’ over and over trying to copy what I was hearing. 

I attended the New England Institute of Art and received a bachelor’s degree in audio production. During my time there, I gained a ton of experience with recording, mixing, live sound, and sound design. I had also completed an internship here at Cakewalk as a beta tester prior to landing a job here shortly after graduating.
Favorite Movie:
The Big Lebowski
Years @ Cakewalk:
Preferred Style of Music:
Jazz, Rock, Punk, Metal
Superpower (if you could have one):
Favorite Bands:
Minus The Bear, Bill Evans Trio, Don Caballero, Millencolin, The Beatles.