SONAR X3 Producer: Can You Ever Have Enough Virtual Instruments?

If you love virtual instruments then you’ll be happy with your upgrade to SONAR X3 Producer. We’ve got instruments for every use case, skill level, and genre of music. Who needs a band when you’ve got SONAR X3’s array of instruments at your disposal.

1. Addictive Drums

Hailing from the beautiful city of Stockholm – XLN Audio brings Cakewalk users a bountiful set of sounds inside of their flagship program Addictive Drums. The program consists of some of the best drum samples that you could possibly get that are completely optimized for both hardcore and first time users.

2. Dimension

A classic in the Cakewalk world. Dimension is a powerhouse sample based virtual instrument that can play extensive libraries consisting of drums, guitars, strings, etc. You name it, and Dimension can probably handle it. Set Dimension Pro to multitimbral mode and you can access the 4 different sample engines from SONAR’s track view at once.

3. DropZone

If you’re looking to get tweaky with your samples then open up DropZone and start playing through the vast library of media that is supplied. This plugin allows you to play load a sample, set a start, end, loop time, and loop length. Hook up your MIDI controller and your granular journey will begin.

4. Lounge Lizard Session

The masters of physical modelling have done it again with Lounge Lizard Session. Applied Acoustic Systems developed a stellar physically modeled Rhodes electric piano for the Cakewalk community. It’s easy to use interface and warm sonic qualities make it a go-to choice for Producer users.

5. Rapture

Cakewalk’s favorite wavetable synthesizer continues to impress Cakewalk users since it’s release. Rapture’s architecture allows it’s 6 different engines to be mapped, stacked, or packed into multiple sound design variations. It’s signature step generators allow for more creative control than you’ll know what to do with.

6. Session Drummer 

The original Cakewalk Session Drummer still holds a firm place in the SONAR arsenal. Session Drummer’s simplicity is the perfect match for beginners who want to start programming their own drums right away. Pair it up with Cakewalk’s Step Sequencer and you’ll have your first beat in minutes.

7. Studio Instruments Suite

In need of a band? Studio Instruments to the rescue. Setup your live gig with the essential players you need with SI-Bass, Strings, Drums, and Electric Piano. These instruments sound great and deliver the basics you need to spark an idea at any point in your songwriting.

8. Strum Acoustic Session

No guitarist in sight? That’s ok because Strum Acoustic provides all the sounds, and inflections you need tot produce a realistic acoustic guitar sound.

9. TruePianos Cakewalk

The Cakewalk TruePianos is a great side-kick when you need a great piano sound at moment’s notice. Warm it up with a our ProChannel Tape Emulator and Console Emulator and you’ll never have to record in a big studio again.

10. z3ta+ classic

A plugin that needs no introduction. The evolution of z3ta+ has spanned multiple devices and multiple versions. Our Producer users get this with their version of SONAR with an upgrade path to the second version. Z3ta+ classic allows you to insert it as a audio effect – you could essentially mix an entire song with just z3ta+’s effects.

11. Cyclone

Before the Matrix view became a part of the basic set of views in SONAR there was Cyclone. Easily load, arrange, pitch, pan, and gain to your heart”s content with this classic loop-based sample player.


One of the best subtractive instruments that we’ve released – PSYN II gets you quick and  professional sounds right out the box.

13. Pentagon I

Another classic synthesizer that is known for it’s vocoder trick. Immediately get that classic analog sound one of rgc:audio’s greatest instruments.

14. Cakewalk Sound Center

Powered by the Dimension and Rapture engines – Cakewalk Sound Center delivers a plethora of unique sounds of instruments and synths that are lightweight and ready-to-use in your next track. We’ve got loads of expansion packs available for separate purchase – check them out here.

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