TH2 Building Blocks: 30 Free Presets for all SONAR X2 Producer Customers

SONAR X2 Producer Content Club Bonus – Building Block Presets for TH2 Producer

TH2 Producer is the new guitar module plug for SONAR X2 Producer.  Being a guitar player since the age of 5, I’m very intrigued by guitar plugs and I was extremely excited to learn that we were working with Overloud on the development of SONAR X2.  I think in the last 2 years there have been major developments in guitar emulation plugins.  In my past experiences using these “amp simulators,” I always found that they sounded great alone, but then when I put big drums around them recorded with great mics and preamps, they would disappear in the mix fast.  Fast-forward to 2013, and I am finding myself going to the guitar plugins almost all the time.

Overloud got it right with TH2.  I’m not a programmer [zeros and ones], so I’m not sure how they did it, but the sound characteristics are very full, responsive and lifelike.  I use the word “responsive” because if you have ever played a great tube amp, you know that your playing can be enhanced by the way the amp sends back the sound [information] to your ears and brain; and then ultimately to your fingers.  I have found the presence and treble spectrum of TH2 to be where this plugin excels.  The top-end on most of the amps is very present, but not overly brittle, which makes it easy to place in a mix and enhance with the QuadCurve EQ.

The presets that come with TH2 Producer are great, but I thought that 1. There is so much potential in TH2 that is waiting to be untapped, and 2. That everybody could use more great sounding presets to use as a jumping off point.  Hence, the reason to get some bonus content out to our extremely valued user-base.  With these presets, I started from scratch and worked on getting the best source tones I could with the goal of delivering an array of sounds for musicians to work FROM.

This set runs the gamut utilizing all the amps, mics and cabs.  There are 30 presets to choose from, and they are pretty much evenly dispensed between clean, overdriven and distorted tones.  They are set up over 3 banks with each “Sound” slot having its own patch.  Additionally, each “variation” has been copied from the main sound bank, so users are free to experiment with their own concoctions and then save their sound to the variation slots.

Since all guitars have different input gain, parameters have been mapped to the smart-knobs to make it easier for users to level off the overall sound.  Something else to note is that the noise gate has been left off purposely on all presets so that users can control that aspect of the sound depending on their guitar.

Below you will find 4 examples of this preset collection which will give you an idea of the overall direction.  With this additional content, we hope you are able to arrive at better TH2 Producer sounds in a quicker fashion.

If you already own SONAR X2 Producer, your TH2 Building Block presets download is already in your account as a bonus treat from the SONAR X2 Producer Content Club.  If you purchase or upgrade to SONAR X2 Producer by February 28th, you will be able to download the presets from your account on the Cakewalk Store.

Watch this video for how to import TH2 presets.

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