SONAR X2'S Step Sequencer: Powerful, flexible and included in all versions of X2!

The Step Sequencer is included in all versions of X2 and is fully integrated in to the SONAR X2 user interface design. Controls are easy to identify and use, and commands are easily accessible from dedicated drop down menus.

SONAR X2’s Step Sequencer lets you create drum tracks, beats, bass, and synth lines with a click of the mouse. Save time with a convenient auto-populate feature for common rhythmic patterns. Don’t settle for robotic, step-sequenced parts—the exclusive Per-step Probability feature lets you add automatic variations. Make your sequences even more exciting with nuances like flam, swing, and time-offset.

Here’s just a few of the tools available in the Step Sequencer :

Add Flam to any step by simply double clicking it (then use the flam time knob to adjust timing).

Easily load/save patterns from the Options button or drag and drop patterns from the Media Browser.

Auto-populate feature provides shortcuts to fill a lanes every 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 steps.

Controller Pane for per row articulations and controls, including Volume, Pan, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Portamento

Per step parameter controls for Velocity, Time Offset, Probability, Lane-based MIDI articulations, Filter Cut and Filter Res.

Parameter values are displayed as bars underneath steps in the controller pane, making editing per step parameters such as Velocity, Step Offset, Probability, and other MIDI articulations quick and easy.

Exclusive Per Step Probability provides control over the probability of how often a step will be triggered. Use it to create automatic variations (make some steps only play occasionally) to keep repetitive patterns sounding fresh.

All this is combined with the functionality from Step Sequencer 1.0 including: Step Recording, the Velocity Multiplier, Fit to Quarters capabilities, and more.

Learn more about the Step Sequencer in SONAR X2’s Online Documentation

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