CakeTV Live Episode 3: Rhythm Tracks – Coming June 28th

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CakeTV Live Episode 3: Rhythm Tracks – Production and Mixing Techniques
Please join Brandon Ryan and Seth Perlstein of Cakewalk for the third installment of CakeTV Live, Cakewalk’s entirely live, bi-monthly webcast at 2:00 PM Pacific Time. This time we’ll focus on the backbone of music production,  the rhythm tracks – namely drums and bass. We’ll take raw tracks and apply various production and mixing techniques, employing all kinds of features in SONAR along the way. Topics will include:

  • Using busses
  • Using the Inspector for quick mixing
  • Sculpting sounds with ProChannel Modules
  • Setting up parallel compression
  • Multi-out synths
  • Using Track Templates
  • The Matrix View for drums
  • EQ and Compression techniques
CakeTV Live is just that – entirely live. Ask questions in realtime and join in the chat with hundreds of other viewers from around the globe as Brandon and Seth discuss and demonstrate valuable tips and techniques.