Second CakeTV Live Broadcast Now Available on YouTube

Last week Brandon Ryan and I hosted our second CakeTV Live webinar on music production with SONAR X1. Broadcast live over the internet from Burbank, CA, this latest installment of CakeTV Live was every bit a success as the first CakeTV Live webinar. With a steady 240+ viewers this time from all over the world, we had a steady stream of great questions coming in throughout the demo.

Of course, we understand that many of you couldn’t make it to the live broadcast, so we’ve uploaded the video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. This hefty video weighs in at one hour and forty minutes and is loaded with music production workflow techniques straight from Brandon Ryan’s bag of tricks.

 CakeTV Live: SONAR Music Production ‘Aike’

In the first broadcast I drove the demo while Brandon monitored the chat and interjected with questions and comments. This time the roles were reversed as Brandon demonstrated using his project, ‘Aike’, and I played the part of Ed McMahon.

Brandon did a great job using his project to show off SONAR X1 Producer Expanded’s ProChannel, Step Sequencer, Loop Construction View, and so much more. We also took a few minutes to show off and talk about Z3ta+ 2 as that was highly requested we do that after the first broadcast.

We’re looking forward to the next CakeTV live event and hope to see you there! In the meantime, watch the webinars and learn more about SONAR X1 Producer Expanded.


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