CakeTV Live: Join our second live webcast on music production in SONAR X1

CakeTV Live Free Webinar

In case you missed part one of this two-part series, Cakewalk’s Seth Perlstein shared his favorite SONAR X1 music production tips, tricks, and techniques like using the Mod Matrix in FX Chains 2.0, Groove Matching with AudioSnap, creating variations with the Loop Construction View, and much, much more.

Plus, he gave a sneak peak of the X1d patch, which is now free for all SONAR X1 users.

Watch entire video of the first SONAR X1 webcast.

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Please join us for the second installment of CakeTV Live on April 26th at 2:00pm PST. Cakewalk’s Brandon Ryan and Seth Perlstein will be on hand to answer questions and show tips, tricks  and production techniques using the award winning SONAR X1. In addition to latest news, we’ll delve deep into SONAR X1 using a live musical production demonstration as the centerpiece. Brandon will take the driver-seat on this one showing the capabilities and production techniques involved in creating a short, instrumental, musical cue.

Topics will include virtual instrument recording (featuring Z3TA+ 2, Dimension Pro, SD3 and more), creative editing as a production technique, Step Sequencer View, Matrix View, Loop Construction View techniques and more. In addition we’ll cover mixing topics like busing, EQ, and using the ProChannel and its various available modules to get a great mix, fast. And throughout the event, we’ll discuss tips related to best practices, organization, and general SONAR configuration and use.

CakeTV Live is, in fact, completely live – and not a live presentation of a pre-recorded demo with Q&A like you might often see. It’s broadcast in high quality with hundreds of viewers taking part in the lively chat which is monitored and addressed, on the spot, by Brandon and Seth. The first CakeTV Live session was a huge success with worldwide attendance. If you missed the party the first time, don’t miss it this time around.

If you absolutely can’t make it for the live event, don’t despair. CakeTV live is recorded and will be made available in HD on CakeTV and Cakewalk’s Youtube channel.


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Upgrade to SONAR X1 Producer to follow along in real time or Download the SONAR X1 Free Trial to explore ProChannel and the new Skylight interface.