Cori Yarckin video for new single "Floating" Released

If you own SONAR X1 Producer you have probably loaded up the project “Floating” by Cori Yarckin. The song was arranged, tracked and produced completely in SONAR X1. There were a few members of the Cakewalk team who worked on this song and others that are on the new album “Part of Me” which will be released on March 14, 2012.

Cori was in Los Angeles and tracked rough vocals over the stereo demo tracks at Brandon Ryan’s studio using SONAR X1. Then, Brandon sent me the 2-mix demo of “Floating” and the rough vocal tracks. It was my job to lay down all the parts in SONAR X1. I roughed out the drums, recorded all the keys and dropped in some rough guitars. Then the file went to Jimmy Landry to mix and produce. He re-recorded my guitar tracks, which resulted in a much better sounding finished product. We both used Guitar Rig LE (included in SONAR X1) but he is a better player, so even with the same tone, it sounds better with him playing. Jimmy then got to work on the drum mix and arrangement. The next step was to record final vocals with Cori in New York, again using SONAR X1. Finally, Jimmy mixed the entire song (and others) using only SONAR X1.

When you listen to the intro of the song, the piano you hear is me playing the TruePianos Amber module, and the synth pads are all from the included Dimension Pro presets. All of the keyboards in the song are performed with the virtual instruments included in SONAR X1.

It was a great experience to work on “Floating” and other songs in three home studio locations (using SONAR X1) across the US and end up with a finished product that stands up to anything recorded in a professional studio.  Be sure to check out “Part of Me” by Cori Yarckin when it becomes available in March. Brandon and Jimmy worked on other songs on the album too and I know they are very proud of the work they have done, as this was done “all in the box” – meaning just SONAR X1.

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