Flyleaf discusses new album and V-Studio 100

In this day in age there are very few bands that have the components to set themselves apart from other artists and also cut through in a lasting fashion the cluttered channels of this new digital music era. Flyleaf is absolutely one of these timeless artists and proof that a combination of amazing songwriting, creative sonic utilization and a ridiculously powerful live show is a recipe for a spot in the category of “timeless artists.” Hailing from the state of TX, this band is anything but an overnight success story; in fact their story is the opposite.  Hard work and hard growing pains have attributed to the bands success where non-stop world-touring and a relentless work ethic have been the norm since their debut album in 2005 which went Certified Platinum and contained Billboard hits such as “All Around Me.”

Fast forward to now, where a focused fire burns bright at theheart of the band’s second full-length album. Flyleaf bleed, grow, love and live on the new record titled MEMENTO MORI.  The platinum-selling Texas quintet’s latest offering is a collection of poignant, passionate and pensive hard rock songs.

Right before they put the finishing touches on the album, they embarked on an acoustic tour for U.S. troops overseas in Afghanistan, debuting two songs, “Circle” and “Chasm.” The band’s itinerary took them from Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan—where they performed before nearly 1,000 soldiers—to the distant Forward Operating Base Baylough in southern Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border.  Lacey explains, “it was thelast thing we did before we finished this record. It was really life changing for us. Everywhere you turn in Afghanistan, you’re reminded of your mortality—in a good way. These troops were so thankful that we were there and that they could just enjoy life for a minute. That’s exactly what MEMENTO MORI means. Life’s important, and it’s brief. You never know when it’s going to be over for you or the people around you. You have to make the most of every opportunity you’re given. We got to talk to the soldiers about so many things, but there was a bomb the next day and many of them were killed. We came to know these men personally in a short time though. That was MEMENTO MORI at its highest.”

Flyleaf began composing these stories as they toured the world on the 2006 and 2007 installments of the Family Values Tour and on a European trek with Korn. Sharing the stage with the likes of Stone Sour, Deftones and Evanescence, Flyleaf captivated fans everywhere as their self-titled debut continued to ascend the charts. Singles such as “I’m So Sick,””Fully Alive,” and the RIAA gold smash “All Around Me” pulled audiences in, and Flyleaf reached RIAA platinum heights while the band toured endlessly. The album spent 133 weeks on the Billboard 200 while staking claims in the top 5 of the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart and the top 15 of the Billboard Rock Albums and Alternative Albums charts.

The band is currently and relentlessly touring while they utilize the V-Studio 100 on the road in different capacities.

To find out more about Flyleaf visit and to directly purchase the new record MEMENTO MORI here on iTunes.

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