Blog Critics Calls The V-Studio 100 A One Stop Shop!

VS-100-Front-Top-ReflectionThere was a time when building a studio meant that you needed a lot of space and a lot of equipment. Today, depending on your needs, there are plenty of ways to create a working music studio without exhausting space and money. T. Michael Testi explains that with the V-Studio 100, you can record, edit, mix and master your tracks with one space-saving device. Not only it is expandable but the V-Studio 100 is flexible, integrating nicely with all major DAWs on Mac and PC.

“Through the Mackie Control Support you can use (the V-Studio 100 with) other DAW software to handle the load. When you are in Active Controller Technology (ACT) mode you will have more advanced control with the SONAR software. All you have to do is press the ACT button and you will be able to control the parameters of plug-ins that support the ACT function.”

Testi also points out that because of its compact size and robust package, the V-Studio has everything you need to create music, whether in studio or on the road.

“It is a really fun product and I like both the simplicity and the quality. They have put together a complete production package that has recording, high quality vocal processing, along with a whole host of add-ons for instrumentation. What really makes this nice is the compact, out of the box package that you can either interface with your computer and favorite DAW, or you can use it in the studio, in the garage, or on the road.”

Read T. Michael Testi’s V-Studio 100 Review at Blog

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