Kompoz.com: A Social Workspace for Songwriters & Musicians

We’ve all been there. You’ve laid out the perfect vocal track and a killer guitar solo. But you’re lacking the skills to bang out a drum track to complete your recent project. Perhaps, all you need is a little help from your friends!?

The people behind Kompoz.com are making the process of collaborating and sharing your music online with peers easier than ever. We came across Kompoz.com while searching for collaboration platforms for our users. To our surprise we found a SONAR user group with 100+ members (!) already working together on the site to create a variety of projects. Membership is free, each individual project gets its own workspace and the site supports the use of MP3, WAV and WMA digital music files. They also hold a few contests too!

Visit Kompoz.com to see how it all works and be sure to stop by the SONAR users page.

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