10 Reasons You Will Love The SONAR X Series

The SONAR X series was introduced to the world back in 2010. Since that time, we’ve continued to refine and improve SONAR. Customers upgrading from SONAR 8.5 and earlier are in for an amazing experience. Below we’ve put together the top ten reasons you will love the SONAR X series.

1. ProChannel

The ProChannel redefines the way you work with the Console View. Each audio track, instrument track, and bus comes with a complete modular strip of analog effects. Even the inspector allows the users to preview a selected track’s ProChannel strip right from the Track View. With the click of a button users can expand this analog mixing console and fully customize it by dragging around the modules, or loading up a ProChannel presets. Load up the Compressors, Tube Saturation, Reverb, Console Emulators, Tap Emulators, and the new QuadCurve EQ Zoom with Analyzer by simply right-clicking.

SONAR’s ProChannel lends itself to an immensely visual experience Continue reading “10 Reasons You Will Love The SONAR X Series”

SONAR X3 Users: Save 50% off Nomad Factory Plug-ins through Oct. 31st

Nomad Factory

One of the exciting new additions to SONAR X3 Studio & Producer is the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX.  These 19 FX recreate the vintage sound you have loved from decades ago.  If you love the Blue Tubes FX, then you need to check out their other bundle packs which are available at the Cakewalk Store for a special price through October 31st.

Nomad Factory: Analog Mastering Tools (Download) $75/£59/€69 (Save 50%)

  • Includes A.M.T Amp Leveling, A.M.T Max Warm, and A.M.T Multi Max multiband peak limiter.

Nomad Factory: Analog Signature Pack (Download)  $99/£79/€89 (Save 50%)

  • Includes the Program Equalizer EQP-4, the Limiting Amplifier LM-662, and the Studio Chanel SC-226.

Complete Bundle: Integral Studio Pack 3 (Download) $299/£239/€269 (Save 50%)

  • This bundle from Nomad Factory contains everything you might ever need to get the best out of SONAR in a professional studio environment.

Visit the Cakewalk Store to save big on other SONAR X3 Extras.

Hidden Gem: The Blue Tubes Stereo Imager [SONAR X3 Studio & Producer]

Now in SONAR X3 Studio and Producer we’ve included a wonderful hidden gem.  The Blue Tube Stereo Imager is a spatial plugin that allows you to widen and narrow out your mixes with a simple slide from left or right.

This type of effect can be useful in situations where you need to A-B mixes quickly in mono.  Some one would say “I can just use the pan pots or stereo interleaved switch” but the beauty of this plugin is that you could use this plugin in both a musical and technical fashion. Continue reading “Hidden Gem: The Blue Tubes Stereo Imager [SONAR X3 Studio & Producer]”

SONAR X3: Exploring Your New EQs

SONAR X3 comes with an array of brand new EQ plugins. All of them have their own purpose sound and functionality. A great new feature within SONAR X3 is the ProChannel QuadCurve EQ Zoom & Analyzer as well. Using both of these you can truly get an idea of how each one works and how it affects your audio signal.

I’ve sent some pink noise through the new QuadCurve EQ & Zoom’s Analyzer so that you can see how the settings are affecting the full frequency spectrum.

The first one is the British Tone Equalizer. This is a 3-band EQ with a Low Shelving Band, Midrange Band, and a High Shelving Band. All have variable bandwidths.

You can see in the diagram below that, even though this appears to be a rather simple EQ, it’s middle adjustment is perfect for instruments that sit in the mid-range.

Both the high-shelving and low-shelving frequency adjustment are not as complex, but would be ideal for carving out their respective frequencies in both the high and low spectrum.

The Bandaxall EQ is a quickly and easy two band EQ with fixed frequency cut offs. This is perfect for Continue reading “SONAR X3: Exploring Your New EQs”

SONAR X3 Quicktip: Gating unwanted noise using the NEW logical gate/expander GX622

Using the new Blue Tubes Logical Gate/Expander you now have yet another incredible tool for your day to day projects. A pretty common problem that happens when recording an entire band is noise bleed from other instruments when one stops and another is still playing.  In this particular case there is quite a bit of drums leaking  in the quiet parts between chord stops of this piano part.  Some would argue that throwing a Gate on there can make your signals sound robotic and choke your signal if not set correctly. So, let’s go through a step by step way of setting up your Gate setup correctly.