Master of Digital Arts, Justin Lassen Releases First Limited Edition Album

SynaethesiaA master of the digital arts, Justin Lassen continues to dominate a new realm of creativity, composing music to computer-generated graphic art. With the help of his PCAudioLabs digital audio workstation with an Intel Core i7 processor, SONAR 8.5 and various media editing tools, Justin gives life to the one dimensional art forms.

Recently, Justin released Synaesthesia, a series of his latest works which has gained high acclaim throughout the fine art and technology industries, even landing him a spot in Intel’s Visual Andrenaline magazine. Synaesthesia matches Justin’s  hauntingly beautiful music with still images created by well-known graphic designers including Alex Ruiz (The Simpsons) and Nykolai Aleksander.

After 4 years in the making, Justin introduces his first dual-disc limited edition collector’s album, Synaesthesia II (Nihil Records / Big Cartel), featuring 2 hours and 38 tracks of pure genius*! This new album compliments some of Justin’s best works with world-reknown CG artists. Visit the Synaesthesia Myspace page to hear a sampling of tracks from Synaesthesia II.

* Purchase one of the first 200 copies and your CD will be hand signed by Justin!