Log off! – day 4

Its our final morning at the lodge so we woke up early to catch the sunrise. Here are some more pics.

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon North Rim

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon North Rim

Some sights in the desert

Vermillion Cliffs

Colorado & Paria Rivers at Lees Ferry

Paria Rimrocks

The Colorodo river – this is what created the grand canyon!

Lees Ferry

We drive on to Page which is our stopover for the night before we head on towards Monument Valley on Wednesday. Page itself is unspectacular, just a town in the desert but the hotel has WIFI which has allowed me to post this update.

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  1. lovely pix Noel. What a spectacular view at every location and I must say the photographer’s done a splendid job of capturing it all 🙂 … and both of you are looking great! Looking forward to seeing more of day 5.

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