New Weblog added

Hello and thank you for visiting my site. As a result of webmeistress Ramona’s tireless efforts, my new weblog Minidump is now online!

For those of you who aren’t computer nerds (lucky you), a Minidump refers to a log file containing a small snapshot of your computers memory, when your Windows computer crashes. That snapshot is useful to find out what went wrong. If you are a Mac person, never mind – your Mac never crashes, right? 😛 I thought it might be appropriate to call my blog a Minidump, since it will mostly consist of small dumps of my memory, most of which is faulty anyway. I’m hoping this blog will facilitate getting some memory snapshots prior to complete hardware meltdown. 😉

I’ll be more inclined to keep this site up to date, since its so much quicker to add interactive content now.

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