One Of Us

One Of Us
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Ramona Borthwick (piano, keyboard, voice)
Ingrid Jensen (trumpet)
Noel Borthwick (guitar)
Johannes Weidenmueller (bass)
Adam Cruz (drums)

‘ONE OF US’ is Ramona Borthwick’s latest CD release as a leader. The successor to her well-received debut ‘A New Leaf’, it showcases her evolution as an artist and composer. With a depth that stretches beyond her previous work, the ten compositions on the CD feature Ramona’s distinctive multi-textural writing, piano playing and vocal styles. Stellar performances from trumpet player Ingrid Jensen, guitarist Noel Borthwick, bassist Johannes Weidenmueller and drummer Adam Cruz abound, making this ‘concept’ album a rewarding listener experience. Recorded, mixed and mastered in audiophile format at 24 bit/96 KHz resolution, this production exhibits pristine HD audio quality, capturing every nuance in the performances.

“It (One Of Us) also introduces the other main solos voices, especially guitarist Noel Borthwick, who swings hard with the best of them and shows us where he’s coming from… He and the leader fit one another hand-in-glove throughout….”

—JOHN McDONOUGH, Downbeat Magazine [full review]

As impressive a pianist as Borthwick is, it is the strength and depth of the compositions which provides the lasting impression on this recording… One Of Us is a delightful reminder from Ramona Borthwick and her quintet that jazz this good never goes out of style.”

—IAN PATTERSON, AAJ [full review]

“Noel Borthwick never fails to surprise with the abject beauty and linear manner in which he moves the melody along. There is never a wrong step. Sometimes the guitarist seems just half a step behind, while other times he appears to race ahead to lead the melody into a new harmonic realm. His solos continually bring forth inventive ideas, which begin with interesting phrases and lines, and invariably open new avenues for the musicians to explore together or individually, as the music may demand.

—RAUL d’GAMA ROSE, Editor, AAJ [full review]

“My special kudos go to Noel Borthwick who plays some of the most exquisite guitar I have heard in a long time, reminding me sometimes of the best work that I have heard from guitar greats (some of the best work from Pat Martino comes to my mind). ‘One of Us’ is an album that you can listen to many times, always getting new and rewarding things from.”


“The recording (One of Us) radiates top-flight professionalism in every respect, with imaginative, rhythmically buoyant originals throughout as well as wonderfully assured, distinguished ensemble and solo playing by each performer. The production values and recorded sound are outstanding and distinctive, too. Brava and kudos for this remarkable and impressive accomplishment!”


All compositions by Ramona Borthwick © Leitmotif (ASCAP)
Produced by Noel Borthwick
Recorded by Paul Wicliffe, Charlestown Road Studios, NJ, April 27 & 28, 2008
Mixing & Additional recording by Noel Borthwick & Daniel Abreu
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano, Zampol Productions, NYC
Art & Graphic design by Ramona Borthwick, Leitmotif
Photography by Glenn Kulbako
Total playing time: 70:13 minutes
℗ & © 2009 Leitmotif. All Rights Reserved.