Log off!

Excited to be starting our vacation/tour of the South-West! All set with my baby Taylor travel guitar freshly set up by Jim Mouradian – not quite that logged off 🙂

Left Boston yesterday flying to Las Vegas and then drove to Springdale, UT where we are staying overnight to check out Zion National Park. I’ve never really travelled through desert country and the terrain and sights are spectacular. Will post some pics and notes from the trip as we go along, internet availability permitting.

En route to Springdale
Springdale, UT

Daybreak at Zion Park lodge
Zion Park lodge, daybreak

Mountain view
Mountain view

A nice start to the day
Joshua trees by Springdale road

4 Replies to “Log off!”

  1. The last one is really nice…looks like furry animal trees!
    Have a great vacation and gear up for your bday!
    Love Ramiah & Sandy

  2. Hey Noel, Have a very happy birthday.
    These are absolutely stunning pictures. What a beautiful location. Enjoy and travel safe! Love to Ramona.
    Love, Popsy

  3. Hi son zillion tas for the pix. They were fantastic and the view so awesome. Happy beyond measure that you can experience such wonders of beauty and nature.

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