Windows 7 For Music Production

Here are some links to various articles on Windows 7 that I have contributed to.

Cakewalk Windows 7 Resources
Our official Windows 7 resources page

Obsessive Windows 7 Under-the-Hood Guide for Music; Can You Finally Dump XP? 
This is an interview I did for Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music

How Windows 7 Will Affect Your Music Production
Similar material to the Create Digital Music interview

Windows 7 Improvements to Help Audio Recording
CNET blogger Matt Rosoff, posted his thoughts on how Windows 7 will make the art of audio production on PC easier. Quotes my blog post.

 Windows 7: Should You Upgrade Your Music PC?
Music Radar’s Ben Rogerson takes a look at Windows 7 to determine whether or not it’s a sound investment for people using their PCs primarily for music creation. Also some quotes from my Win7 posts.

The most out of Windows 7 and optimizing Windows for music
Another article from Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music that I contributed to